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Commercial roofing companies that help to Imagine a torrential downpour drumming on your commercial property’s flat roof. The wind whips across the vast expanse, and a chilling thought creeps in – is that a leak? Fear not, business owner! Unlike your childhood home’s pitched roof, your flat roof demands specialized knowledge and meticulous care.

This is where commercial roofing companies enter the scene, not as just any roofers, but as your Markit Roofing building’s heroes, ready to shield it from the elements and ensure its longevity. Let’s delve deeper into why you need these roof-tactic experts on your side:


Flat Roofs, Flat-Out Different: A World Beyond Shingles

Unlike the familiar pitched roof of your childhood home, your commercial flat roof presents a unique set of challenges. Imagine intricate drainage systems designed to handle large volumes of water, complex building codes dictating every aspect of construction, and a diverse array of materials beyond the realm of traditional shingles.

we possess this specialized knowledge, navigating the complexities of low-slope construction with expertise. They wield the know-how to ensure your roof remains watertight and structurally sound, from adhering to stringent building codes and employing specialized installation techniques to meticulously maintaining and swiftly repairing any unexpected issues.

Licensed and Insured: Peace of Mind in Every Hammer Blow

Entrusting your commercial roof to just anyone can be a recipe for disaster. Imagine the potential liability and stress! Reputable Commercial Roofing Companies prioritize licensed and insured professionals, offering you both peace of mind and a guarantee of quality. These professionals are intimately familiar with the intricacies of local building codes, ensuring every shingle and sheet metal panel adheres to rigorous regulations.

Material Symphony by Commercial Roofing Companies


Gone are the days of monotonous asphalt shingles. Today, commercial roofing companies offer a diverse orchestra of materials, each with its unique melody to suit your specific needs and budget. Imagine metal’s robust longevity, energy-efficient “cool roofs” boasting reflective membranes, the sleekness and durability of TPO and PVC, and even single-ply membranes renowned for their lightweight properties.

These companies act as your conductors, guiding you through the material symphony, and explaining the nuanced benefits and suitability of each option for your specific roof structure and budgetary constraints. Construction worker putting the asphalt roofing (shingles) with a nail gun on a large commercial apartment building development.

Warranties and Guarantees: An Ironclad Shield Against Financial Storms

Imagine the financial stress of an unexpected roof repair bill. Not cool, right? Reputable commercial roofing companies offer invaluable peace of mind through comprehensive warranties and guarantees. These (Commercial Roofing Companies) companies stand behind their work with ironclad promises, offering assurance on both the materials they use and the workmanship they deliver.

Transparency and Communication: Building Trust, Brick by Brick, Not Shingle by Shingle

Clear communication is the cornerstone of any successful partnership, and this holds especially true when it comes to your commercial roof. Imagine navigating a project shrouded in mystery and technical jargon. Not ideal! Reputable companies understand this and prioritize transparency throughout the entire process. They (Commercial Roofing Companies) provide detailed proposals that outline the scope of work, materials used, estimated timelines, and associated costs clearly and concisely, avoiding industry jargon and ensuring you fully understand the project.

Safety First: Your Roof's Superhero Squad, Not Just a Crew

Safety isn’t a suggestion, it’s a non-negotiable priority for commercial roofing companies. Imagine a team operating without proper safety protocols – a recipe for disaster!

These companies function as your roof’s very own superhero squad, prioritizing safety above all else.

Their staff undergoes rigorous training in safe work practices, ensuring they possess the knowledge and skills to navigate even the most challenging roofing environments.



Commercial roofing companies bring expertise, not just labor. They navigate the complexities of flat roofs, wield knowledge of intricate codes and materials, and offer a symphony of solutions beyond basic shingles. They become your roof’s bodyguards, providing preventative maintenance, swift repairs, and extended lifespans through restoration.

Whether you want another business rooftop introduced, a normal review plan set up, or crisis fixes played out, the group at Markit Roofing can help. We put security first and consistently utilize quality materials and workmanship so your rooftop can endure the inescapable mileage of Alberta’s cruel climate.

Why Choose Us

There are many justifications for why homes and organizations have picked us for their material and building envelope projects as the years progressed.

Safety Record

Our security record is top-notch and is perceived by our Working environment Wellbeing COR assignment. We are completely guaranteed in case of a mishap, and our clients’ and representatives’ security is our main concern.

Quality Of Workmanship

Our professionals are profoundly prepared waterproofing specialists competent at introducing, keeping up with, and fixing all sorts of waterproofing frameworks.


we’ve been assisting homes and entrepreneurs in Alberta with introducing, fixing, and keeping up with their material since we began in 2007.

Our Commercial Roofing Service

We put safety first and always use quality materials and workmanship so that your roof can withstand the inevitable wear and tear of Alberta’s harsh weather.

Commercial Flat Roof

Commercial flat roofs are typical features of the Albertan landscape. They are cost-effective to install, relatively easy to maintain, and allow for efficient use of space. We can help you with the installation of a new flat roof or with maintenance and repairs of your existing roof.

Emergency Roof Repair

Has your roof been damaged by an overnight storm or the hazardous Alberta winds? A leaky roof in the middle of Alberta’s winter is certainly no fun. We will come out at short notice and ensure that your roof is secured and restored to peak condition so that it can continue to protect you and your business.

Roof Repair

Rooftops get harmed and endure mileage after some time. It's normal in Alberta because of the harsh climate. We'll reestablish your level or inclined business rooftop to its previous brilliance with the goal that it continues to safeguard your business into what's in store.

Roof Inspections

We provide you with a report outlining any roofing issues we identify. As part of a regular maintenance plan, we can initiate roof inspections to ensure you detect problems early before they become major issues. This can save money, extend the life of your roof, and prevent the inconvenience of repairs further down the line.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

The traditional flat roof roofing system known as BUR is a layered approach: The insulation board has two or three layers on the bottom, alternating with roofing felt and tar or asphalt, and a gravel layer on top. Roofs of this kind are extremely durable and resistant to the elements.

Green Roofing

Ever thought about turning your boring rooftop into a lush, green oasis? With Markit Roofing, you can! We don't just fix and replace roofs, we help you create stunning green roofs for your business.

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